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Holzfforma® 76.5CC Blue Thunder G466 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head

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US STOCK - Holzfforma® 76.5CC Blue Thunder G466 MS460 046 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain 2-4 Days Delivery Time Fast Shipping For US Customers Only


Technical Specifications:

Chainsaw type: Hozfforma single cylinder 2 stroke engine
Total Mass: Without bar and chain 6.7kgs
Cylinder Displacement: 76.5cm3
Power Output to ISO: 7293 4.4KW
Idle Speed: 2,800 RPM
Maximum Power Speed: 11,500 RPM
Cylinder Bore: 52MM

Fuel System
Carburetor Model Name: Diaphragm carburetor
Air Filter: HD Type
Fuel Type: Unleaded 90+RON
Fuel Mix: 2 stroke 25:1 (25 parts of unleaded fuel to 1 part of 2 stroke oil)
Fuel Tank Volume: 27.9 fl.oz (0.825l)

Cutting Attachments
Guide Bar: 20”, 25”, 28” or 32”
Maximum Cutting Length: 50, 63, 70, or 80cm
Guide Bar Type: Sprocket nose
Chain Type: 3/8”, .063”
Chain Sprocket Standard: 7 tooth 3/8"pitch
Chain Lubrication: Fully automatic oil pump
Bar Oil Type: SAE#10W-30 or Similar
Oil Tank Capacity: 12.2fl.oz (0.36 l)

For Home Users:6 Months
For Commercial Users:3 Months